Thursday, 3 May 2012

Galaxy Nexus will not be coming to India

Galaxy Nexus will not be coming to India

If you are an Indian and waiting for Galaxy Nexus then there is a bad news for you. Samsung confirms that it will not be launching its Galaxy Nexus in India.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was launched in October last year.It was the first device to come with the latest Android 4.0 ICS. Since then it has been launched in various market such as US,UK,Singapore,Japan and Korea.

The non-launching of a Nexus device in India is not new. The first Nexus smartphone (with HTC) was never officially launched in India. Even the Nexus S (with Samsung) was introduced in India close to the device’s end of life. It was heard that Samsung was worried that the Galaxy Nexus would have cannibalized sales of its Galaxy Note phablet. The Galaxy Note has sold really well in India, even exceeding Samsung’s expectations.

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