Sunday, 13 May 2012

Apple to drop Google Maps in 'iOS 6':Report

Apple to drop Google Maps in 'iOS 6':Reports

It was reported that Apple will drop Google Maps in its upcoming mobile platform iOS 6 in favour of its own mapping system.

The new Mapping app is said to be the headlining feature in iOS 6 and will be very similar to the current Maps application. The app is said to have a Street View like 3D mode which has been developed by C3 Technologies.

Like the current Google Maps app on iOS, the new app will have street view, just not Google’s Street View. Apple’s street view will come from C3 Technologies which created its own impressive street view solution before Apple acquired the company.
C3 Technologies is also the company behind the new 3D mode in iOS 6′s Maps app. The standard 2D mode should still be the default for the Maps app, but users will be able to enable the 3D mode somewhere in the app. The mode uses declassified missile targeting algorithms to create amazing 3D graphics.
Of course, this is still rumor at this point, but it seems pretty likely. There’s a good chance that Apple will take the wrapper off iOS 6 at WWDC 2012, so with luck we only have a month to wait to see Apple’s new Maps app for ourselves.

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