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Top Five Android Music Applications 2012 :Best Android Apps

Top Five Android Music Applications 2012 

Android can be a super mp3 player if one uses some amazing applications in it. Yes, this is absolutely true. One can access the Groove shark for music streaming, for tuning in to various radio stations, for identifying the lyrics and for keeping a track of the tour dates of favorite music bands.

Make your Android phone a wonderful mp3 player
This is the smart phone generation and we find almost every other person engaged in using applications of smart phone. You can also turn your Android device in to a wonderful mp3 player. You just need to know Best Android Music Applications of 2012. We will discuss some of the coolest music applications right here.

Top 5 Android Music Apps :

Top and best 5 Android Music applications that can turn your android music to a awesome MP 3 player music are given below :
  • ” TinyShark “-A Groove shark application
TinyShark is an application of the Groove Shark, for Android smart phones. For all the music lovers, TinyShark is a perfect choice. One can search his or her favorite music, queue tunes, discover popular songs and create playlists. The world of music will be at your fingertips through this simple music application. Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) is almost available every where especially in hotels and shopping malls. No matter where you are, you can enjoy a direct access to your favorite music through the TinyShark application.
  • Stream music through ” Audio Galaxy “
Enjoying our favorite music becomes much easy when we create a playlist. If you have the music application Audio Galaxy, in your Android phone, then you can listen to your favorite music any time and anywhere. This application plays matching songs when the present playlist finally runs out of the songs. The Auto Galaxy home page can be linked with your account also. Simply visit the settings page and confirm the connection between both; homepage and account.
  • Enjoying Tuning in to Radio Stations via ” Tune In “
TuneIn is a wonderful music application for Android as it allows the user to tune in to any radio station present anywhere in the world. One can also tune into talk shows, local events to discover something new for himself. Immediately download this music application and listen to talk shows and sports discussions.
  • Have a look to excellent features of ” Sound Hound “
One of the two major applications recognized for music in Android smart phones, is the Sound Hound. It has excellent features and functionality. It does a great job and recognizes every song immediately. Sound Hound has perfect interface and it also provides lyrics of the songs if they are available. Music lovers also find the artist tour dates as well as match the YouTube videos. This information is provided in the application and it is recommended for music lovers.
  • Get the music scanned via ” Gig Beat “
If you love concerts and you have Android smart phone, then do put the Gig Beat application in it. This application allows you to scan any music on your device and it also synchronizes the artists. You, being a music lover can view the tour dates of your favorite artists to know the exact concert locations. Also get updates of the upcoming events of your favorite music stars.

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