Monday, 9 April 2012

How To Recover Your Deleted Files

How To Recover Your Deleted Files

Have you deleted an important picture, video, email, documents, or other file accidentally from your computer, flash drive or memory stick & you wish that if somehow you can recover that file again…so you need not to be worry now because recovering a deleted data is extremely  easy.

Wonder How? Here's the logic...

Every file has a link between the window and the recycle bin. So when you delete any file it goes to recycle bin & when you empty the recycle bin the file still reamins in your hard disk the only change that occurs is your link gets broken but the file or data continue to exist in your hard disk until any application or game or anything which creats a new file and overwrites that file.It mean you can recover the file until it gets overwritten by a new file.

Step 1:
All you need to do is to install this simple software called Recuva from the following link:
Step 2:
Once installed, you need to launch the Recuva wizard and begin the process of recovering files.
Step 3:
Next step of the wizard will let you tell Recuva to only search for a specific type of file. This helps saving a lot of time while searching, and make it easier for recuva to find what is lost.
Step 4:
In the next step, to make your search quick, you can also specify the location (if you remember) of the lost file.
Step 5:
I also asks you for a deep scan but this option is recommended in the second of third time scan because most of the time Recuva finds your deleted file in the first go.
Step 6:
Once the scan is over, it will show you the list of deleted files. You can easily see through the files you want to recover. Its simplpe now! You can right-click on the file and click on the Recover option to restore the file. To make is simpler, you also have an option to sort by created date or last modified date under advanced view.

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